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From this page, you will find our hand-picked selection of jackets that are suitable for wearing to the office, visiting clients or for promotional events, trade shows and exhibitions. All are suitable for embroidering or printing your logo. We offer a wide range of styles and colours, from Softshell to Denim, Bomber, Varsity or Letterman Jackets, Full Zip or Half Zip, and many with sizing up to 5XL. Please call us as we can probably help you.

Our team here will help you choose the best product for your Company, and will send you mockups of the product with your logo in position, whether that is on the front left chest, across the back shoulders or on the sleeve. We have been embroidering and printing clothing for over 20 years so we know what looks best to help you achieve exactly what you want!

We count many different types of club, compnies and organisations among our loyal customers; from military regiments, advertising and event marketing agencies, sports clubs, and corporate institutions in every area. Our in house service allows us to control the process every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the best advice, the greatest flexibility, short lead times, and reasonable prices.

                                          Softshell Jackets 

Softshell Jackets
Softshell jackets are a smart alternative to a fleece or waterproof jacket. The double layer of water repellent woven polyester and elastane material combined with a fleece inner, produces a warm, comfortable garment that can be worn indoors or out.  Softshell jackets can be used in favourable but cold conditions if walking or persuing outdoor activities. They tend to be much more breathable than a hard shell and therefore more practical if exercising. If in a harsher environment, a softshell should be combined with a lightweight, waterproof hardshell.
The smooth outer material is perfect for embroidery and all of the garments featured on this page can be decorated with your logo on the chest, back or arm.

Waterproof Jackets

Because you never know what the weather will do next, it is always best to be prepared. Our range of waterproof jackets can be branded with your logo will ensure that no matter what happens you and your colleagues will remain dry when the heavens open.
We have been embroidering and printing clothing for over 15 years. We count many different types of club, companies and organisations among our loyal customers; from military regiments to sports clubs and financial institutions. Our in house service allows to control the process every step of the way, ensuring flexibility for short lead times or special requirements.

Bodywarmers and Gilets

A classic garment for all companies, clubs and organisations. Our full range can be seen in our online catalogue, however we have picked out a few popular options below.

We are able to embroider your logos and designs onto any bodywarmer you see on this page; produced to the highest standard with the latest technology.

Insulated Jackets 

A garment that has become popular in the past couple of years; insulated jackets or padded jackets as they are also called are a fashionable and practical item of clothing. Our range can all be embroidered with your own logo to form a staple of your corporate clothing or workwear offering. If you have your own brand, these jackets can be a useful addition to your collection.


A classic garment that is warm, comfortable and durable. A fleece is a  must have garment throughout the year, especially as the weather becomes colder. Fleece jackets can be worn inside or out, however it is a advisable to combine with a lightweight hardshell jacket if the weather is particularly adverse.

Because of the deep pile, we are unable to print onto fleece, but it is a good fabric to embroider and this can be applied to the chest, arm or back of the garment.

We have shown our best selling styles below but also have many other styles in our full online catalogue HERE.